Chronic Illness

Where is Waldo?

… And what do you do when you find him?

You say you have found him and move on. Find him again and move on. Does he have friends? Does he have family? I have so many questions about Waldo.

A grin, a genuinely happy grin on his face. Big, round glasses to see the world that he travels and the people he meets. Alone. He travels alone. Fully clothed, head to foot. I have to assume it is to match the cat in the hat, although they have not met.

B74C04D8-7023-4215-AF97-0149CCC839F6There he is again. Once he find him, you get a proud smile with relief on your face. You found him. He is there. Somewhere. You aren’t always 100% sure he will be there in the crowd. It could be a ruse. Then, his wide eyes pop out at you! That friendly face reassures. That dependable guy.

His smile makes me wonder exactly where he has been. What he has seen. Who he has seen. Does he plan where he is to go? Where to be? Or, does he wander?

When I think he is hiding, it turns out he just likes crowds. Waldo doesn’t have a companion, but he is never alone.

We are never alone.

Life, it’s chronic.

Thanks for reading!



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